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Flower Care

Sharing some top tips on looking after your blooms.

When you buy and receive flowers you want them to last as long as possible here's some tips to keep them lasting especially as we head in to the summer they need a little extra help in the heat.

Always remove the packaging as soon as possible whilst it helps look after them whilst being delivered it can also keep them warmer so remove it all. If they're in a water bubble make sure to do this over the sink!

Choose a container it doesn't have to be a vase it could be a jug an unusual pot or little bud vases but it must be clean and filled with fresh water.

Remove any leaves that would go in the water- leaves in water will contaminate it.

Cut the stems on an angle so it gives them a good surface area to drink from.

Every 2 days cut the stems and refresh the water and preferably clean the vase/container. The stems can seal up so despite being in the water may not be drinking so always recut!

Keep them cool keep away from windows and areas of direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Remove decaying stems they will give off bacteria that will shorten the life of other stems this is the same case when keeping flowers near fruit they can give off a bacteria that shortens a flowers life.

If you want to dry them you can leave them its best to start this just before they start to go over other wise they'll drop hanging them upside down somewhere dry is usually the best way.

And so to summarise, remove packaging, clean vase filled with water, snip stems, recut and refresh water every couple of days. Most importantly enjoy them blooming enjoy the scent and love them!

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